Simbli Product Updates

New and Exciting Simbli Enhancements

New features and enhancements are NOW LIVE in Simbli, specifically designed to help with managing, developing, and facilitating virtual board meetings.

Zoom Integration

From with the meeting setup in Simbli, users can auto create their Zoom Meeting and have the url and joining instructions automatically added to their meeting header.  This saves the board secretary or technology director time from having to go to Zoom to set up their meeting and then come back to Simbli to load the connection information in the meeting header.


Public Comments on Meeting Agenda Items

To provide more opportunities for the public to provide public input, Simbli users will now be able to turn on public comments on any meeting agenda item. Members of the public can then submit comments as they are reviewing the agenda items. Simbli administrators can then screen the public comments to ensure that nothing inappropriate has been posted and can then publish the comments to the board members.


Online Voting

Simbli’s new online voting feature will enable the board secretary to open up online voting on any specific agenda item.  Once opened, a new screen will pop up on each board members computer asking for their vote.  Once the votes have been cast, the secretary can close the votes and display the results.  The secretary can always manually record a vote if a member was on a conference call and not on their computer.


QR Code Integration

Districts can provide quick and easy access to their meeting agenda by adding a QR code to their agenda.  In the Simbli meeting setup, the secretary can elect to add a QR code to their agenda.  This will automatically add a QR code to the meeting header for both onscreen and printing purposes.  Users can then simply hold their phone up to the QR code to be taken straight to the meeting agenda on their mobile device.