Configuring Your Zoom Account Settings

It is important to think through how you configure your Zoom Meeting account in order to maximize the functionality and manage the board meeting properly. Following are some specific things to consider as you configure your Zoom Meeting settings.


Zoom has a chat feature that can enable meeting attendees to send a message.

  • Chat: Allow meeting participants to send a message visible to all participants.
  • Private Chat: Allow meeting participants to send a private 1:1 message to another participant.

If you are using Zoom Meeting and the above are turned on, we recommend that you change the Chat settings once you start each Zoom Meeting so that participants can only send chats to the Host. On Zoom Webinar, all chats are private from the attendee to the host and the host can send private messages to individual attendees or to everyone participating.


You will want to turn on the ability to “allow the host to add co-hosts. Co-hosts have the same in-meeting controls as the host.” We recommend that you have at least two co-hosts for the meeting. One can be sharing their screen to display the meeting agenda and materials on Simbli and can navigate through the agenda as items are being discussed for attendees to see. The other co-host can manage muting or unmuting people or tending to any issues that might arise from meeting participants.


We recommend turning “Polling” on in the event you wanted to survey the attendees.

Screen Sharing

We recommend that you configure screen sharing so that only the host can share their screen.

Breakout Room

We recommend enabling breakout rooms to allow the host to split meeting participants into separate, smaller rooms. Be sure to enable the host to assign participants to breakout rooms when scheduling. You will utilize a breakout room if you are going to have an executive session during your meeting.

Waiting Room

We recommend enabling the waiting room option so attendees cannot join a meeting until a host admits them from the waiting room.

Show a “Join from your browser” link

We recommend enabling this to allow participants to bypass the Zoom application download process and join a meeting directly from their browser.

Allow live streaming meetings

We recommend enabling this and selecting the preferred streaming service you intend to use, i.e. Facebook and/or YouTube.

Zoom Resources

Zoom provides a wealth of resources online including live and recorded online training. Support During the COVID-19 pandemic.


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