Conducting Your Virtual Board Meeting in Zoom

At least 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting, a co-host should “Start the Meeting”.

Share: Click on the “Advanced Sharing Options” and make sure under “Who can share?” that it is set for “Only Host”.

Chat: Under the Chat options, be sure that it is set to “Allow the participants to chat with: Host only”.

Manage Participants: Make sure that all participants are muted and not allowed to unmute themselves. As the members of the Governance Team join, you will want to unmute them so that they can all speak while all other participants are on mute. If during the meeting another participant needs to speak then a co-host can unmute them.

Audio Tips: To help the governance team member and other participants hear the audio well, we recommend using headphones with a microphone. This will help the audio quality as the person might move around while they speak.

Video Tips: Governance team members should consider being seated with their back to a wall when turning the video on. This can help to avoid having someone walk behind you and creating a distraction during the meeting. Also, consider what is on the wall behind you and the lighting in the room so that it both looks professional and allows viewers to see the member well.

Breakout Rooms: If the board is going to go into executive session, then the co-host can click on “Breakout Rooms” and assign the participants who will be in executive session to the executive session breakout room. When the members are done in executive session, they can return to the main room where other attendees may be waiting.
Launching Your Zoom Meeting

Mastering the Zoom Toolbar

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